Friday, 4 October 2013


past my eyelids there is a bird lying on the ground.
the sky is grey and clear and the ground is frosted over as though it is winter already.
the bird does not move.
the trees are still and the frost is cold. i shiver and my eyelids nearly flicker open. my feet take me to the bird and i touch the feathered body.
warm and alive.
i like life.
there is a song that is not sung, a story unread that tells of life. it tells of tears and of happiness, sleeping and not sleeping, loving and hating and never knowing where you're going. it says look! here is something you could never have imagined. so dream new things, dream of everything you hoped you would be, everything you hoped you wouldn't.
my rambling words are etched into the frost.
the bird is motionless against my hand but the heartbeat that pulses into my palm is full of promises. the sky has clouded over. spring is far away, and light is fading. light always fades.
but nothing on this earth is permanent! the sun is not permanent and we are not permanent. this world is not permanent. darkness is not permanent! the light will come again.
the bird takes flight.

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