Wednesday, 12 February 2014


eyes wide open always wide open don't dare glance at the clock afraid that 3am is going to laugh in my face again isn't it funny that the one thing i do that make me seem my age is so involuntary sleep all day stay up all night but i never meant this to happen never meant to be so sleeplessly alive that it would seep through my eyelids and keep me awake mind whirring and answerless and not fuelled on caffeine no i woke up sleepless and blinking and kept my poor body running with three spoons of sugar on my cereal and a pint mug of coffee even though i can't stand the taste see how i buy into it not quite as special as i'd like to think am i just a glassghost drifting in a sea of corporeal bodies i haven't learned how to imitate dreamwalker among the awake and sleepless among the sleeping where do i fit in so far there is no puzzle piece that fits mine my dreams might be full of inspiration but they are always too far away and i don't know don't know don't know don't know who i want to be.

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