Monday, 23 December 2013


Every electrified particle and atom of matter 
Every casual brush of clothing, accidental 
You're there.
Every workaholic stressor with creases round his eyes 
Every unassuming comment made with darkened, laugh lined smiles 
You're there. 
I can see your face, all made of Greek letters and stormy Michelangelo pencil strikes. 
I see you. 
My dear, last night I lay in the grass and you were there in the night. I closed my eyes and you asked me, "Are you happy?" I wasn't sure. 
My dear, I caught your eye across the street and fought the crowd to find you, but when I arrived you were gone. 
My dear, I saw you across the street and waved at you, a smile on my face and electric bones. You waved back and in that moment I saw you more clearly than I ever had. You are infinite. 

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