Sunday, 7 July 2013

chasing shadows

a new blog for my writings, because i need somewhere to put them or i will go mad. sitting in the sunlight thinking about half-formed poetry and this came along. note: alexithymia - the inability to communicate one's emotions verbally

such a tiny little
edging smile
as beautiful as curiosity
rare upon your face
i’m not sure
if i like
how you wear it
with a shade of lipstick that
it might be lying too
and you laugh
my tongue tied in knots and my
mind bound by alexithymia
juxtapose of old and new
chthonic  in your clandestine
and that lipstick
its tune has changed
now it sings
you are wearing your skin
all wrong
it’s not the dark
i fear
it’s the things living
inside it
things like
you step into the sun
a silhouette
falls where it should not
and your lipstick says
your prayers go unanswered
the bloodhounds
bay loud and clear
in silent air
as you fall
there is no grace or beauty
in this descent
just falling, and then
you’re gone
nothing poetic
just empty space
where once you were
and now
you’re not
and i’m still chasing shadows

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